Nick Veasey

March 15th 2011 - June 4th 2011

Nick Veasey, X-Ray Photographer

Nick Veasey was born in London in 1962.  Working in the advertising and design industries, he was one day booked to complete a very unusual task:  he was asked to place a can of Coca-Cola under a new light by taking an X-ray photo of it.   Thrilled by the results, he X-rayed the shoes he wore that same day.  Veasey received such enthusiastic response to these first pictures that this prompted him to establish X-ray photography.

Today, Nick Veasey completes his work on a retired military compound under strictest safety precautions.  His X-ray photography shows gigantic machinery, buses full of people and such mythically entwined fashion objects as Kylie Minogue’s knickers.  Veasey is constantly searching for the nature of objects below their surface appearance, where he provides astounding insights, being clear, reduced and often surprising. A child’s doll may become a robot; an enormous airplane turns into a delicate toy. The models used in his photography are all skeletons, as the X-ray photography would prove a serious concern to human health otherwise.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London have recently added his work to the British National Collection of Photography. Nick regularly exhibits at fine art galleries the world over. The ethereal and fascinating works have collected a host of International awards.
As an Austrian premiere, the Atelier Jungwirth in Graz is pleased to present the premiere display of his extraordinarily memorable X-ray photographs, beginning on the 15th of March, 2011.

All pictures on exhibition are available.

2006 – A Decade in X-Ray (self published)
2008 – X-ray Nick Veasey. See Through The World Around You Carlton Books,
2009 – X-ray Nick Veasey. See Through The World Around You Paperback edition, Carlton Books
2010 – X-treme X-ray. See the world inside out! Carlton Books

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