Workshop mit Greg Gorman 2017

Austria, Italy, France

If you are a photo enthusiast, a dedicated amateur or an inquisitive professional, you can gain interesting insights and learn a lot from this well-known artist.

Greg Gorman is one of the greatest US photographers of our time.
His sensational advertising campaigns and his work for the major magazines in the celebrity and movie segment have made him famous. Greg Gorman’s lectures and workshops are in great demand throughout the world and are very quickly booked.

In 2017 you can choose from Southern Styria, a castle north of Milan or Provence. You will spend five days in a small group and can enter into an intense dialogue with Greg Gorman. He will assist you in indoor and outdoor shoots in palaces steeped in history, in villas and other exterior locations. The honest criticism of the photos by the star photographer and the direct demonstration of his image optimization, which he gives daily based on the previous day’s work, are particularly instructive.

As regards content, in the workshops Greg Gorman deals with the areas which have made him famous – portrait photography and the nude. The participants learn the secrets of his lighting and can take photographs under his guidance.

Selection of location, choice of model, analysis of model, treatment of light, natural or artificial light, colour, black and white, light and shade, perspectives, angles and positions, treatment of flawless bodies and also of normal, not quite so perfect bodies, picture analysis, optimization and image editing. Particularly exciting, above all, are the incidental conversations in which it is a matter of the many minor, unanswered questions – acquisition, marketing, customers, publishing houses, magazines, agencies, etc.

The dates

11th–15th June 2017, Southern Styria, Austria
18th–22nd June 2017, Milan, Italy
25th–29th June 2017, Provence, France

The workshops are conducted in English, the number of participants is limited.

Registration and further information:

Atelier Jungwirth
Opernring 12
8010 Graz
T: +43.316.815505


Order of events

Day 1

Arrival, introduction, introductory talk, portfolio revue and lighting demos

Days 2 to 4

Presentation of Greg’s work, publications, edited photos Discussion of pictures taken by participants on the previous day Indoor and outdoor shooting with 2 to 3 models

Day 5

Discussion of photos and resumé

With a little luck you can attend the workshop!

On 9th June Greg Gorman will give a lecture at Atelier Jungwirth about his photography featuring both technical and artistic aspects and about experiences with celebrity models. A live shooting session including a lighting demonstration and the opportunity to talk to the photographer personally will round off the evening.

A prize draw for a place at the exclusive 5-day workshop (Portrait & Nude) in the value of 3,960 euros including 20% VAT, will be held among everybody who has purchased a ticket for the evening.

The prize is transferable; the location of the workshop in June 2017 (Southern Styria, Italy or France) may be selected freely if still available. It is not necessary to attend the lecture in person to take part in the prize draw.


Atelier Jungwirth, 9th June 2017 from 6.30 p.m. on.
Opernring 12, 8010 Graz
Tickets at 60 EUR are available at Atelier Jungwirth and at Digital Camera Graz, Opernring 9 and Südtiroler Platz 9.