Workshop mit Greg Gorman 2015


Greg Gorman, born in 1949 in Kansas City, is considered to be one of the greatest photographers of our time. Mr. Gorman became particularly well-known for his fine art figure studies and his striking photographs of film, music and sports personalities, all of which have been published in numerous books and exhibited globally. Gorman’s work has been published in numerous magazines worldwide and in hundreds of advertising campaigns. In 2012 a collection of his photographs were shown in Halle 8 in Graz. This represented the largest exhibition of his photographic work to date.

However, it is sometimes not easy for photographers who want to learn from Greg Gorman because the American’s workshops are rare and usually sell out very quickly. After the resounding success of the 2012 Austrian workshop, Atelier Jungwirth, Graz is once again bringing Mr. Gorman to Europe. Three specialized workshops with Mr. Gorman will take place in June 2015 in the unique locations of Provence, Tarragona (Catalonia) and Southern Styria around Ehrenhausen.
Within the workshops, Greg Gorman focuses on the areas which have made him famous throughout the world – portrait photography and figure studies. The participants learn the secrets of his lighting and can take photographs of models under the direction of Mr. Gorman. Interested persons should get in touch with us quickly in order to book one of the limited spaces at the workshop in the location of their choice.

The dates

24th–28th June, Tarragona, Spain

Please note: All workshops are conducted in English!

Registration and further information
Atelier Jungwirth
Opernring 12
8010 Graz
T: +43.316.815505


Order of events of the workshops

Day 1

Arrival, welcome, introductory lecture and start of the workshop in the afternoon

Day 2 to Day 4

Indoor and outdoor shooting with two or three models, discussion each morning of the pictures taken by participants on previous day

Day 5

Review of workshop and departure


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Feedback partcipants

‚… der WS in Südkatalonien war insgesamt ein wahrer Hit; intensiv, sehr anspruchsvoll und hat wirklich das Gefühl vermittelt einen beträchtlichen Schritt weiter gekommen zu sein. Es hat einfach alles gepasst. Darüber hinaus hat sich um Greg eine Gruppe von Teilnehmern und Betreuern gefunden, die eine echt familiäre Atmosphäre geboten hat, keine Wünsche offen ließ und auch in Zusammenhalt und an  Herzlichkeit kaum zu übertreffen  ist…‘
F. Feinkorn

For me the workshop was an unforgettable experience, a dream made of light, cameras, marvelous people and the star named Greg Gorman, great photographer and even better person. His talent, working ability and friendliness, being supported by some angels called Andrea , Birgit , Joshua and Christian surprised me. A true privilege to have an opportunity to know and work with each other. I wish the stars were not so far from the Earth, light and heat they emit are marvelous.
Thank you!!
Jordi Navarro

To share a Workshop in Spain with Greg Gorman, a prestigious american Photographer, known for his black and white photography, was a dream.
For me it has been a fantastic experience in every way and rewading to be part of this workshop with Greg, where i learnt how to use best natural light, etc..
Many Thanks to Greg Gorman and to Atelier Jungwirth.
Thank you very much!
Janet Calvo

Greg is constant, selfconfident, natural, close…It was a pleasure to share time with him and see how it works.
Alba Rodríguez Núñez