Steve McCurry • Graz 2021

June 18th - October 4th 2021 • Messe Graz • Hall A • Entrance Fröhlichgasse

The artist

There are great nature photographers and there are specialist portrait photographers.
And then there is Steve McCurry. He has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 40 years. Born in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; McCurry studied film at Pennsylvania State University, before going on to work for a local newspaper. After several years of freelance work, McCurry made his first of what would become many trips to India. Traveling with little more than a bag of clothes and another of film, he made his way across the subcontinent, exploring the country with his camera.

It was after several months of travel that he found himself crossing the border into Pakistan. There, he met a group of refugees from Afghanistan, who smuggled him across the border into their country, just as the Russian Invasion was closing the country to all western journalists. Emerging in traditional dress, with full beard and weather-worn features after weeks embedded with the Mujahedeen, McCurry brought the world the first images of the conflict in Afghanistan, putting a human face to the issue on every masthead.

Since then, McCurry has gone on to create stunning images on all seven continents and countless countries. His work spans conflicts, vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike – yet always retains the human element that made his celebrated image of the Afghan Girl such a powerful image. 

As Steve likes to say, “I’m interested in people, how people are different, but yet how they are the same. We all dress differently and speak different languages, maybe have different religions. But fundamentally we still have a common shared humanity, a commonality. That difference is what really fascinates me.”

McCurry looks for the unguarded moment and tries to convey some part of what it is like to be that person, or in a broader sense, to relate their life to the human experience as a whole. He condenses his impressions, the colours, the landscape, as well as the fate of those portrayed, into one picture.

McCurry has been recognized with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. The Minister of French Culture has also appointed McCurry a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters and most recently, the Royal Photographic Society in London awarded McCurry the Centenary Medal for Lifetime Achievement. 


The exhibition

One should be careful when using superlatives, but the exhibition “colors” will be one of the most highly regarded cultural events in this part of the world in the upcoming months.

Not only McCurry’s pictures will captivate visitors, but the presentation of the pictures also plays an additional role.

A total space of 2,200 m² is available for the exhibition. The picture formats are between 2 x 3 m and 4 x 6 m; the picture areas of all 126 works alone total 1,100 m² and every single one of these colour-intensive pictures is backlit!

The requisite spacing is possible due to the size of the halls. Both a guidance system and a Covid-19 prevention concept ensure safety.

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