flashlight #7
May 18th - June 15th

flashlight #7 “COURT BAKERˮ

Every story begins somewhere, sometime – in this case it is the story of the Edegger-Tax court bakery. It began 450 years ago in Graz, making the bakery the oldest family-owned bakery in the city and therefore also one of the oldest in Austria.

When asked by master baker Robert Edegger to take a few photos for the anniversary, Christian Jungwirth, photographer and long-standing friend of the Edegger family, came up with the idea of carrying his friends off to the bakehouse and watching them work while executing an apparently simple task.

Backstage in the bakehouse
Handformed Kaiser rolls were to be baked in the same way as a baker like Robert Edegger makes them. At least that was the plan. The results were varied and not all that good. It was, however, an honour that well-known personalities joined this illustrious circle and simply got involved in the fun to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the bakery. All of them in love with Graz and tradition-conscious, stroll through the Hofgasse and buy croissants and similar delicacies in the court bakery. Henceforth they are amateur bakers…

The models are:
Wolfram Berger (actor), Reinhard P. Gruber (author), Anja Platzer (model), Anne-Marie Schullin (stage designer), Markus Schirmer (pianist), Johannes Silberschneider (actor) and Aglaia Szyszkowitz (actress).

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