Giorgia Fiorio
Giorgia Fiorio was born in Turin in 1967, began her career as a singer and in the 1980s took part, inter alia, in the world-famous Sanremo Music Festival several times. It was then the turn of acting before she took up her third and most significant passion – photography.

From 1990 on she devoted herself to “the male”. The series entitled “Uomini” shows boxers in the USA, Ukrainian miners, soldiers in the French foreign legion, bullfighters in Spain, firemen and deep-sea fishermen. Regarding her motivation to approach this topic when she was a young woman she says, “New York in 1990, I am about to complete my photography studies. I am twenty-one years old and the world is directly in front of me and out of reach. At that time I believed that the photography of reality was the right form of language to explore the impassable, harsh universe of these men, who, in the collective imagination, are considered to be the ideal archetype of western manliness.” For the very first time in Austria a comprehensive selection of pictures from this series will be on view at Atelier Jungwirth.

In 2000 Giorgia Fiorio started her next impressive series of works “Il dono” (“The Gift”). It involves an approach to religious rituals, in particular to pilgrimages. Fiorio herself describes her work as follows, “For nine years the search for the “gift” took me to thirty-eight countries. From the most distant sources of belief, from the original, oral tradition of heathens to the most ancient Holy Scriptures, a fabric of gestures and acts unfolds from which determines the extent of ritualistic space-time.” Light already plays a major role in the representation of the male body, but especially here, where it involves the contact between humans and the Divine. Fiorio is a champion of lighting moods and shadows as is proven by each of her photos.

Fiorio has participated in various international exhibitions with her unique works – for example at the 54th Biennale in Venice. Her works have been admired in solo exhibitions in, inter alia, Rome, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo. In addition she has published several successful books and has been awarded significant prizes for example by UNESCO. In 1997 she was named “Photographer of the Year” by American Photography. Her teaching, which has brought her into contact with many young artists over the past years, is also interesting. Fiorio is a lecturer at the Scuola Superiore Universitaria Sant’Anna, Pisa and at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. She was the founder of the Reflexions Masterclass where she was the artistic director from 2002 until 2013 and she taught at the International Centre of Photography ICP in New York until 2014..

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